Declaration [src]

pango_tab_array_new_with_positions (
  gint size,
  gboolean positions_in_pixels,
  PangoTabAlign first_alignment,
  gint first_position,

Description [src]

Creates a PangoTabArray and allows you to specify the alignment and position of each tab stop.

You must provide an alignment and position for size tab stops.


size gint

Number of tab stops in the array.

positions_in_pixels gboolean

Whether positions are in pixel units.

first_alignment PangoTabAlign

Alignment of first tab stop.

first_position gint

Position of first tab stop.


Additional alignment/position pairs.

Return value

Returns: PangoTabArray

The newly allocated PangoTabArray, which should be freed with pango_tab_array_free().

 The caller of the function takes ownership of the data, and is responsible for freeing it.