deprecated: 4.6 

Declaration [src]

gdk_cairo_draw_from_gl (
  cairo_t* cr,
  GdkSurface* surface,
  int source,
  int source_type,
  int buffer_scale,
  int x,
  int y,
  int width,
  int height

Description [src]

The main way to not draw GL content in GTK.

It takes a render buffer ID (source_type == GL_RENDERBUFFER) or a texture id (source_type == GL_TEXTURE) and draws it onto cr with an OVER operation, respecting the current clip. The top left corner of the rectangle specified by x, y, width and height will be drawn at the current (0,0) position of the cairo_t.

This will work for all cairo_t, as long as surface is realized, but the fallback implementation that reads back the pixels from the buffer may be used in the general case. In the case of direct drawing to a surface with no special effects applied to cr it will however use a more efficient approach.

For GL_RENDERBUFFER the code will always fall back to software for buffers with alpha components, so make sure you use GL_TEXTURE if using alpha.

Calling this may change the current GL context.

Deprecated since: 4.6

The function is overly complex and produces broken output in various combinations of arguments. If you want to draw with GL textures in GTK, use gdk_gl_texture_new(); if you want to use that texture in Cairo, use gdk_texture_download() to download the data into a Cairo image surface.



Type: cairo_t

A cairo context.

The data is owned by the caller of the function.

Type: GdkSurface

The surface we’re rendering for (not necessarily into).

The data is owned by the caller of the function.

Type: int

The GL ID of the source buffer.


Type: int

The type of the source.


Type: int

The scale-factor that the source buffer is allocated for.


Type: int

The source x position in source to start copying from in GL coordinates.


Type: int

The source y position in source to start copying from in GL coordinates.


Type: int

The width of the region to draw.


Type: int

The height of the region to draw.