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#define g_assert_cmpstrv (


Debugging macro to check if two NULL-terminated string arrays (i.e. 2 GStrv) are equal. If they are not equal, an error message is logged and the application is either terminated or the testcase marked as failed. If both arrays are NULL, the check passes. If one array is NULL but the other is not, an error message is logged.

The effect of g_assert_cmpstrv (strv1, strv2) is the same as g_assert_true (g_strv_equal (strv1, strv2)) (if both arrays are not NULL). The advantage of this macro is that it can produce a message that includes how strv1 and strv2 are different.

  const char *expected[] = { "one", "two", "three", NULL };
  g_assert_cmpstrv (mystrv, expected);
Available since:2.68
This function is not directly available to language bindings


strv1 -

A string array (may be NULL)

strv2 -

Another string array (may be NULL)