since: 2.80

Declaration [src]

g_closefrom (
  int lowfd

Description [src]

Close every file descriptor equal to or greater than lowfd.

Typically lowfd will be 3, to leave standard input, standard output and standard error open.

This is the same as Linux close_range (lowfd, ~0U, 0), but portable to other OSs and to older versions of Linux. Equivalently, it is the same as BSD closefrom (lowfd), but portable, and async-signal-safe on all OSs.

This function is async-signal safe, making it safe to call from a signal handler or a GSpawnChildSetupFunc, as long as lowfd is non-negative. See signal(7) and signal-safety(7) for more details.

Available since: 2.80



Type: int

Minimum fd to close, which must be non-negative.

Return value

Type: int

0 on success, -1 with errno set on error.