Declaration [src]

g_realloc (
  gpointer mem,
  gsize n_bytes

Description [src]

Reallocates the memory pointed to by mem, so that it now has space for n_bytes bytes of memory. It returns the new address of the memory, which may have been moved. mem may be NULL, in which case it’s considered to have zero-length. n_bytes may be 0, in which case NULL will be returned and mem will be freed unless it is NULL.

If the allocation fails (because the system is out of memory), the program is terminated.



Type: gpointer

The memory to reallocate.

The argument can be NULL.
The data is owned by the caller of the function.

Type: gsize

New size of the memory in bytes.

Return value

Type: gpointer

The new address of the allocated memory.

The data is owned by the called function.
The return value can be NULL.