g_slice_free_chain_with_offset (
  gsize block_size,
  gpointer mem_chain,
  gsize next_offset


Frees a linked list of memory blocks of structure type type.

The memory blocks must be equal-sized, allocated via g_slice_alloc() or g_slice_alloc0() and linked together by a next pointer (similar to GSList). The offset of the next field in each block is passed as third argument. Note that the exact release behaviour can be changed with the [G_DEBUG=gc-friendly][G_DEBUG] environment variable, also see [G_SLICE][G_SLICE] for related debugging options.

If mem_chain is NULL, this function does nothing.

Available since:2.10


block_size gsize

The size of the blocks.

mem_chain gpointer

A pointer to the first block of the chain.

 The argument can be NULL.
 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
next_offset gsize

The offset of the next field in the blocks.