const gchar*
g_strerror (
  gint errnum


Returns a string corresponding to the given error code, e.g. “no such process”.

Unlike strerror(), this always returns a string in UTF-8 encoding, and the pointer is guaranteed to remain valid for the lifetime of the process. If the error code is unknown, it returns a string like “Unknown error <code>”.

Note that the string may be translated according to the current locale.

The value of errno will not be changed by this function. However, it may be changed by intermediate function calls, so you should save its value as soon as the call returns:

int saved_errno;

ret = read (blah);
saved_errno = errno;

g_strerror (saved_errno);



Type: gint

The system error number. See the standard C errno documentation.

Return value

Type: const gchar*

The string describing the error code.

The data is owned by the called function.
The value is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string.