Support and Bug Reports

Filing a Bug Report or Feature Request

If you encounter a bug, misfeature, or missing feature in GLib, please file a bug report on the issue tracker at We’d also appreciate reports of incomplete or misleading information in the GLib documentation; file those with the ‘Documentation’ label.

Don’t hesitate to file a bug report, even if you think we may know about it already, or aren’t sure of the details. Just give us as much information as you have, and if it’s already fixed or has already been discussed, we’ll add a note to that effect in the report.

The issue tracker should definitely be used for feature requests, it’s not only for bugs. We track all GLib development in GitLab, so it’s the way to be sure the GLib developers won’t forget about an issue.

Code Contributions

If you develop a bugfix or enhancement for GLib, please open a merge request for that in GitLab as well. All branches must be offered under the terms of the GNU LGPL license, so be sure you are authorized to give us the branch under those terms.

If you want to discuss your branch before or after developing it, open a topic on Discourse. But be sure to create the GitLab merge request as well; if the branch is only on the list and not in GitLab, it’s likely to slip through the cracks.

Discussions and User Questions

The GLib issue tracker is meant for discussions with actionable topics. If you want to ask a question about using GLib, or discuss new features, you should use the glib tag on Discourse.