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A convenience macro for GTypeInterface definitions, which declares a default vtable initialization function and defines a *_get_type() function.

The macro expects the interface initialization function to have the name t_n ## _default_init, and the interface structure to have the name TN ## Interface.

The initialization function has signature static void t_n ## _default_init (TypeName#Interface*klass);, rather than the full GInterfaceInitFunc signature, for brevity and convenience. If you need to use an initialization function with an iface_data argument, you must write the GTypeInterface definitions manually.

Available since:2.24


TN -

The name of the new type, in Camel case.

t_n -

The name of the new type, in lowercase, with words separated by _.

T_P -

The GType of the prerequisite type for the interface, or G_TYPE_INVALID for no prerequisite type.