Declaration [src]

g_signal_add_emission_hook (
  guint signal_id,
  GQuark detail,
  GSignalEmissionHook hook_func,
  gpointer hook_data,
  GDestroyNotify data_destroy

Description [src]

Adds an emission hook for a signal, which will get called for any emission of that signal, independent of the instance. This is possible only for signals which don’t have #G_SIGNAL_NO_HOOKS flag set.


signal_id guint

The signal identifier, as returned by g_signal_lookup().

detail GQuark

The detail on which to call the hook.

hook_func GSignalEmissionHook

A GSignalEmissionHook function.

hook_data gpointer

User data for hook_func.

data_destroy GDestroyNotify

A GDestroyNotify for hook_data.

Return value

Returns: gulong

The hook id, for later use with g_signal_remove_emission_hook().