since: 2.4

Declaration [src]

g_type_default_interface_ref (
  GType g_type

Description [src]

Increments the reference count for the interface type g_type, and returns the default interface vtable for the type.

If the type is not currently in use, then the default vtable for the type will be created and initialized by calling the base interface init and default vtable init functions for the type (the base_init and class_init members of GTypeInfo). Calling g_type_default_interface_ref() is useful when you want to make sure that signals and properties for an interface have been installed.

Available since: 2.4



Type: GType

An interface type.

Return value

Type: GTypeInterface

The default vtable for the interface; call g_type_default_interface_unref() when you are done using the interface.

The data is owned by the called function.