Declaration [src]

gtk_distribute_natural_allocation (
  gint extra_space,
  guint n_requested_sizes,
  GtkRequestedSize* sizes

Description [src]

Distributes extra_space to child sizes by bringing smaller children up to natural size first.

The remaining space will be added to the minimum_size member of the GtkRequestedSize struct. If all sizes reach their natural size then the remaining space is returned.


extra_space gint

Extra space to redistribute among children after subtracting minimum sizes and any child padding from the overall allocation.

n_requested_sizes guint

Number of requests to fit into the allocation.

sizes GtkRequestedSize

An array of structs with a client pointer and a minimum/natural size in the orientation of the allocation.

 The data is owned by the caller of the function.

Return value

Returns: gint

The remainder of extra_space after redistributing space to sizes.