deprecated: 3.10 since: 2.8

Declaration [src]

gtk_stock_set_translate_func (
  const gchar* domain,
  GtkTranslateFunc func,
  gpointer data,
  GDestroyNotify notify

Description [src]

Sets a function to be used for translating the label of a stock item.

If no function is registered for a translation domain, g_dgettext() is used.

The function is used for all stock items whose translation_domain matches domain. Note that it is possible to use strings different from the actual gettext translation domain of your application for this, as long as your GtkTranslateFunc uses the correct domain when calling dgettext(). This can be useful, e.g. when dealing with message contexts:

GtkStockItem items[] = {
 { MY_ITEM1, NC_("odd items", "Item 1"), 0, 0, "odd-item-domain" },
 { MY_ITEM2, NC_("even items", "Item 2"), 0, 0, "even-item-domain" },

gchar *
my_translate_func (const gchar *msgid,
                   gpointer     data)
  gchar *msgctxt = data;

  return (gchar*)g_dpgettext2 (GETTEXT_PACKAGE, msgctxt, msgid);


gtk_stock_add (items, G_N_ELEMENTS (items));
gtk_stock_set_translate_func ("odd-item-domain", my_translate_func, "odd items");
gtk_stock_set_translate_func ("even-item-domain", my_translate_func, "even items");

Available since: 2.8

Deprecated since: 3.10

Please do not use it in newly written code.



Type: const gchar*

The translation domain for which func shall be used.

The data is owned by the caller of the function.
The value is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string.

Type: GtkTranslateFunc

A GtkTranslateFunc.


Type: gpointer

Data to pass to func.

The argument can be NULL.
The data is owned by the caller of the function.

Type: GDestroyNotify

A GDestroyNotify that is called when data is no longer needed.