Declaration [src]

gtk_init (

Description [src]

Call this function before using any other GTK functions in your GUI applications. It will initialize everything needed to operate the toolkit.

If you are using GtkApplication, you usually don’t have to call this function; the GApplication::startup handler does it for you. Though, if you are using GApplication methods that will be invoked before startup, such as local_command_line, you may need to initialize stuff explicitly.

This function will terminate your program if it was unable to initialize the windowing system for some reason. If you want your program to fall back to a textual interface, call gtk_init_check() instead.

GTK calls signal (SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN) during initialization, to ignore SIGPIPE signals, since these are almost never wanted in graphical applications. If you do need to handle SIGPIPE for some reason, reset the handler after gtk_init(), but notice that other libraries (e.g. libdbus or gvfs) might do similar things.