since: 1.4

Declaration [src]

pango_font_family_is_monospace (
  PangoFontFamily* family

Description [src]

A monospace font is a font designed for text display where the the characters form a regular grid.

For Western languages this would mean that the advance width of all characters are the same, but this categorization also includes Asian fonts which include double-width characters: characters that occupy two grid cells. g_unichar_iswide() returns a result that indicates whether a character is typically double-width in a monospace font.

The best way to find out the grid-cell size is to call pango_font_metrics_get_approximate_digit_width(), since the results of pango_font_metrics_get_approximate_char_width() may be affected by double-width characters.

Available since: 1.4

Return value

Type: gboolean

TRUE if the family is monospace.