since: 1.8

Declaration [src]

pango_renderer_part_changed (
  PangoRenderer* renderer,
  PangoRenderPart part

Description [src]

Informs Pango that the way that the rendering is done for part has changed.

This should be called if the rendering changes in a way that would prevent multiple pieces being joined together into one drawing call. For instance, if a subclass of PangoRenderer was to add a stipple option for drawing underlines, it needs to call

pango_renderer_part_changed (render, PANGO_RENDER_PART_UNDERLINE);

When the stipple changes or underlines with different stipples might be joined together. Pango automatically calls this for changes to colors. (See pango_renderer_set_color()).

Available since: 1.8



Type: PangoRenderPart

The part for which rendering has changed.