Description [src]

struct PangoAttrIterator {
  /* No available fields */

A PangoAttrIterator is used to iterate through a PangoAttrList.

A new iterator is created with pango_attr_list_get_iterator(). Once the iterator is created, it can be advanced through the style changes in the text using pango_attr_iterator_next(). At each style change, the range of the current style segment and the attributes currently in effect can be queried.

Instance methods


Copy a PangoAttrIterator.


Destroy a PangoAttrIterator and free all associated memory.


Find the current attribute of a particular type at the iterator location. When multiple attributes of the same type overlap, the attribute whose range starts closest to the current location is used.


Gets a list of all attributes at the current position of the iterator.

Available since: 1.2


Get the font and other attributes at the current iterator position.


Advance the iterator until the next change of style.


Get the range of the current segment. Note that the stored return values are signed, not unsigned like the values in PangoAttribute. To deal with this API oversight, stored return values that wouldn’t fit into a signed integer are clamped to G_MAXINT.