Description [src]

struct PangoGlyphGeometry {
  PangoGlyphUnit width;
  PangoGlyphUnit x_offset;
  PangoGlyphUnit y_offset;

The PangoGlyphGeometry structure contains width and positioning information for a single glyph.

Note that width is not guaranteed to be the same as the glyph extents. Kerning and other positioning applied during shaping will affect both the width and the x_offset for the glyphs in the glyph string that results from shaping.

The information in this struct is intended for rendering the glyphs, as follows:

  1. Render the current glyph at (x + x_offset, y + y_offset), where (x, y) is the current point
  2. Advance the current point to (x + xoffset, y)
  3. Render the next glyph…
Structure members

The logical width to use for the the character.


Horizontal offset from nominal character position.


Vertical offset from nominal character position.