since: 1.0

Description [src]

class Atk.NoOpObjectFactory : Atk.ObjectFactory
  /* No available fields */

The AtkObjectFactory which creates an AtkNoOpObject. An instance of this is created by an AtkRegistry if no factory type has not been specified to create an accessible object of a particular type.

Available since: 1.0


hierarchy this AtkNoOpObjectFactory ancestor_0 AtkObjectFactory ancestor_0--this ancestor_1 GObject ancestor_1--ancestor_0



Creates an instance of an AtkObjectFactory which generates primitive (non-functioning) AtkObjects.

since: 1.0

Instance methods

Methods inherited from AtkObjectFactory (3)

Provides an AtkObject that implements an accessibility interface on behalf of obj.

since: 1.0


Gets the GType of the accessible which is created by the factory.

since: 1.0


Inform factory that it is no longer being used to create accessibles. When called, factory may need to inform AtkObjects which it has created that they need to be re-instantiated. Note: primarily used for runtime replacement of AtkObjectFactorys in object registries.

since: 1.0

Methods inherited from GObject (43)

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Signals inherited from GObject (1)

The notify signal is emitted on an object when one of its properties has its value set through g_object_set_property(), g_object_set(), et al.

since: 2.0

Class structure

struct AtkNoOpObjectFactoryClass {
  AtkObjectFactoryClass parent_class;
No description available.
Class members
parent_class: AtkObjectFactoryClass
No description available.