Description [src]

class Atk.RelationSet : GObject.Object
  relations: GPtrArray*

The AtkRelationSet held by an object establishes its relationships with objects beyond the normal “parent/child” hierarchical relationships that all user interface objects have. AtkRelationSets establish whether objects are labelled or controlled by other components, share group membership with other components (for instance within a radio-button group), or share content which “flows” between them, among other types of possible relationships.


hierarchy this AtkRelationSet ancestor_0 GObject ancestor_0--this




Creates a new empty relation set.

Instance methods


Add a new relation to the current relation set if it is not already present. This function ref’s the AtkRelation so the caller of this function should unref it to ensure that it will be destroyed when the AtkRelationSet is destroyed.


Add a new relation of the specified type with the specified target to the current relation set if the relation set does not contain a relation of that type. If it is does contain a relation of that typea the target is added to the relation.

since: 1.9


Determines whether the relation set contains a relation that matches the specified type.


Determines whether the relation set contains a relation that matches the specified pair formed by type relationship and object target.


Determines the number of relations in a relation set.


Determines the relation at the specified position in the relation set.


Finds a relation that matches the specified type.


Removes a relation from the relation set. This function unref’s the AtkRelation so it will be deleted unless there is another reference to it.

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Signals inherited from GObject (1)

The notify signal is emitted on an object when one of its properties has its value set through g_object_set_property(), g_object_set(), et al.

Class structure

struct AtkRelationSetClass {
  GObjectClass parent;
  AtkFunction pad1;
  AtkFunction pad2;

No description available.

Class members
parent: GObjectClass

No description available.

pad1: AtkFunction

No description available.

pad2: AtkFunction

No description available.