property_change (
  AtkObject* self,
  AtkPropertyValues* arg1,
  gpointer user_data

Description [src]

The signal “property-change” is emitted when an object’s property value changes. arg1 contains an AtkPropertyValues with the name and the new value of the property whose value has changed. Note that, as with GObject notify, getting this signal does not guarantee that the value of the property has actually changed; it may also be emitted when the setter of the property is called to reinstate the previous value.

Toolkit implementor note: ATK implementors should use g_object_notify() to emit property-changed notifications. AtkObject::property-changed is needed by the implementation of atk_add_global_event_listener() because GObject notify doesn’t support emission hooks.

Default handler:

The default handler is called after the handlers added via g_signal_connect().

The signal can be detailed



Type: AtkPropertyValues

An AtkPropertyValues containing the new value of the property which changed.

The data is owned by the caller of the function.