since: 3.20

Declaration [src]

gdk_drag_context_manage_dnd (
  GdkDragContext* context,
  GdkWindow* ipc_window,
  GdkDragAction actions

Description [src]

Requests the drag and drop operation to be managed by context. When a drag and drop operation becomes managed, the GdkDragContext will internally handle all input and source-side GdkEventDND events as required by the windowing system.

Once the drag and drop operation is managed, the drag context will emit the following signals: - The GdkDragContext::action-changed signal whenever the final action to be performed by the drag and drop operation changes. - The GdkDragContext::drop-performed signal after the user performs the drag and drop gesture (typically by releasing the mouse button). - The GdkDragContext::dnd-finished signal after the drag and drop operation concludes (after all GdkSelection transfers happen). - The GdkDragContext::cancel signal if the drag and drop operation is finished but doesn’t happen over an accepting destination, or is cancelled through other means.

Available since: 3.20



Type: GdkWindow

Window to use for IPC messaging/events.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.

Type: GdkDragAction

The actions supported by the drag source.

Return value

Type: gboolean

TRUE if the drag and drop operation is managed.