Description [src]

struct GdkEventProximity {
  GdkEventType type;
  GdkWindow* window;
  gint8 send_event;
  guint32 time;
  GdkDevice* device;

Proximity events are generated when using GDK’s wrapper for the XInput extension. The XInput extension is an add-on for standard X that allows you to use nonstandard devices such as graphics tablets. A proximity event indicates that the stylus has moved in or out of contact with the tablet, or perhaps that the user’s finger has moved in or out of contact with a touch screen.

This event type will be used pretty rarely. It only is important for XInput aware programs that are drawing their own cursor.

Structure members

The type of the event (GDK_PROXIMITY_IN or GDK_PROXIMITY_OUT).


The window which received the event.


TRUE if the event was sent explicitly.


The time of the event in milliseconds.


The master device that the event originated from. Use gdk_event_get_source_device() to get the slave device.