Declaration [src]

const char* const*
gdk_content_formats_get_mime_types (
  const GdkContentFormats* formats,
  gsize* n_mime_types

Description [src]

Gets the mime types included in formats.

Note that formats may not contain any mime types, in particular when they are empty. In that case NULL will be returned.



Type: gsize*

Optional pointer to take the number of mime types contained in the return value.

The argument will be set by the function.
The argument can be NULL.

Return value

Type: An array of utf8

NULL-terminated array of interned strings of mime types included in formats.

The array is NULL-terminated.
The length of the array is in the n_mime_types argument.
The data is owned by the instance.
The return value can be NULL.
Each element is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string.