since: 2.44


g_list_model_items_changed (
  GListModel* list,
  guint position,
  guint removed,
  guint added


Emits the GListModel::items-changed signal on list.

This function should only be called by classes implementing GListModel. It has to be called after the internal representation of list has been updated, because handlers connected to this signal might query the new state of the list.

Implementations must only make changes to the model (as visible to its consumer) in places that will not cause problems for that consumer. For models that are driven directly by a write API (such as GListStore), changes can be reported in response to uses of that API. For models that represent remote data, changes should only be made from a fresh mainloop dispatch. It is particularly not permitted to make changes in response to a call to the GListModel consumer API.

Stated another way: in general, it is assumed that code making a series of accesses to the model via the API, without returning to the mainloop, and without calling other code, will continue to view the same contents of the model.

Available since: 2.44



Type: guint

The position at which list changed.


Type: guint

The number of items removed.


Type: guint

The number of items added.