g_menu_model_items_changed (
  GMenuModel* model,
  gint position,
  gint removed,
  gint added


Requests emission of the GMenuModel::items-changed signal on model.

This function should never be called except by GMenuModel subclasses. Any other calls to this function will very likely lead to a violation of the interface of the model.

The implementation should update its internal representation of the menu before emitting the signal. The implementation should further expect to receive queries about the new state of the menu (and particularly added menu items) while signal handlers are running.

The implementation must dispatch this call directly from a mainloop entry and not in response to calls — particularly those from the GMenuModel API. Said another way: the menu must not change while user code is running without returning to the mainloop.

Available since:2.32


position gint

The position of the change.

removed gint

The number of items removed.

added gint

The number of items added.