property ignore-hosts: string[] [ read, write ]


A list of hostnames and IP addresses that the resolver should allow direct connections to.

Entries can be in one of 4 formats:

  • A hostname, such as “”, “”, or “*”, any of which match “” or any subdomain of it.

  • An IPv4 or IPv6 address, such as “”, which matches only that address.

  • A hostname or IP address followed by a port, such as “”, which matches whatever the hostname or IP address would match, but only for URLs with the (explicitly) indicated port. In the case of an IPv6 address, the address part must appear in brackets: “[::1]:443”

  • An IP address range, given by a base address and prefix length, such as “fe80::/10”, which matches any address in that range.

Note that when dealing with Unicode hostnames, the matching is done against the ASCII form of the name.

Also note that hostname exclusions apply only to connections made to hosts identified by name, and IP address exclusions apply only to connections made to hosts identified by address. That is, if has an address of, and the :ignore-hosts list contains only “”, then a connection to “” (eg, via a GNetworkAddress) will use the proxy, and a connection to “” (eg, via a GInetSocketAddress) will not.

These rules match the “ignore-hosts”/”noproxy” rules most commonly used by other applications.

Type: An array of char*


Construct onlyno