g_dbus_error_encode_gerror (
  const GError* error


Creates a D-Bus error name to use for error. If error matches a registered error (cf. g_dbus_error_register_error()), the corresponding D-Bus error name will be returned.

Otherwise the a name of the form org.gtk.GDBus.UnmappedGError.Quark._ESCAPED_QUARK_NAME.Code_ERROR_CODE will be used. This allows other GDBus applications to map the error on the wire back to a GError using g_dbus_error_new_for_dbus_error().

This function is typically only used in object mappings to put a GError on the wire. Regular applications should not use it.

Available since:2.26


error GError

A GError.

 The data is owned by the caller of the function.

Return value

Returns: utf8

A D-Bus error name (never NULL). Free with g_free().

 The caller of the function takes ownership of the data, and is responsible for freeing it.
 The string is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string.