Virtual Method


deprecated: 2.28 


get_default_for_uri_scheme (
  GDesktopAppInfoLookup* lookup,
  const char* uri_scheme


Gets the default application for launching applications using this URI scheme for a particular GDesktopAppInfoLookup implementation.

The GDesktopAppInfoLookup interface and this function is used to implement g_app_info_get_default_for_uri_scheme() backends in a GIO module. There is no reason for applications to use it directly. Applications should use g_app_info_get_default_for_uri_scheme().

Deprecated since: 2.28

The GDesktopAppInfoLookup interface is deprecated and unused by GIO.



Type: const char*

A string containing a URI scheme.

The data is owned by the caller of the function.
The value is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string.

Return value

Type: GAppInfo

GAppInfo for given uri_scheme or NULL on error.

The caller of the function takes ownership of the data, and is responsible for freeing it.
The return value can be NULL.