since: 2.80


gi_registered_type_info_is_boxed (
  GIRegisteredTypeInfo* info


Get whether the registered type is a boxed type.

A boxed type is a subtype of the fundamental G_TYPE_BOXED type. It’s a type which has registered a GType, and which has associated copy and free functions.

Most boxed types are structs; some are unions; and it’s possible for a boxed type to be neither, but that is currently unsupported by libgirepository. It’s also possible for a struct or union to have associated copy and/or free functions without being a boxed type, by virtue of not having registered a GType.

This function will return false for GTypes which are not boxed, such as classes or interfaces. It will also return false for the structs associated with a class or interface, which return true from gi_struct_info_is_gtype_struct().

Available since: 2.80

Return value

Type: gboolean

True if info is a boxed type.