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A convenience macro which defines two functions. First, returning the GQuark for the extended error type ErrorType; it is called error_type_quark(). Second, returning the private data from a passed GError; it is called error_type_get_private().

For this macro to work, a type named ErrorTypePrivate should be defined, error_type_private_init(), error_type_private_copy() and error_type_private_clear() functions need to be either declared or defined. The functions should be similar to GErrorInitFunc, GErrorCopyFunc and GErrorClearFunc, respectively, but they should receive the private data type instead of GError.

See [Extended GError Domains][gerror-extended-domains] for an example.

Available since:2.68


ErrorType -

Name to return a GQuark for.

error_type -

Prefix for the function name.