since: 2.68

Declaration [src]

g_log_writer_default_set_use_stderr (
  gboolean use_stderr

Description [src]

Configure whether the built-in log functions will output all log messages to stderr.

The built-in log functions are g_log_default_handler() for the old-style API, and both g_log_writer_default() and g_log_writer_standard_streams() for the structured API.

By default, log messages of levels GLogLevelFlags and GLogLevelFlags are sent to stdout, and other log messages are sent to stderr. This is problematic for applications that intend to reserve stdout for structured output such as JSON or XML.

This function sets global state. It is not thread-aware, and should be called at the very start of a program, before creating any other threads or creating objects that could create worker threads of their own.

Available since: 2.68



Type: gboolean

If TRUE, use stderr for log messages that would normally have appeared on stdout