deprecated: 2.32 


struct GCache {
  /* No available fields */

A GCache allows sharing of complex data structures, in order to save system resources.

GCache uses keys and values. A GCache key describes the properties of a particular resource. A GCache value is the actual resource.

GCache has been marked as deprecated, since this API is rarely used and not very actively maintained.

Deprecated since: 2.32

Use a GHashTable instead.



Creates a new GCache.

deprecated: 2.32 

Instance methods


Frees the memory allocated for the GCache.

deprecated: 2.32 


Gets the value corresponding to the given key, creating it if necessary. It first checks if the value already exists in the GCache, by using the key_equal_func function passed to g_cache_new(). If it does already exist it is returned, and its reference count is increased by one. If the value does not currently exist, if is created by calling the value_new_func. The key is duplicated by calling key_dup_func and the duplicated key and value are inserted into the GCache.

deprecated: 2.32 


Calls the given function for each of the keys in the GCache.

deprecated: 2.32 


Decreases the reference count of the given value. If it drops to 0 then the value and its corresponding key are destroyed, using the value_destroy_func and key_destroy_func passed to g_cache_new().

deprecated: 2.32 


Calls the given function for each of the values in the GCache.

deprecated: 2.10