deprecated: 2.48 


struct GTrashStack {
  GTrashStack* next;

A GTrashStack is an efficient way to keep a stack of unused allocated memory chunks. Each memory chunk is required to be large enough to hold a gpointer. This allows the stack to be maintained without any space overhead, since the stack pointers can be stored inside the memory chunks.

There is no function to create a GTrashStack. A NULL GTrashStack* is a perfectly valid empty stack.

Each piece of memory that is pushed onto the stack is cast to a GTrashStack*.

There is no longer any good reason to use GTrashStack. If you have extra pieces of memory, free() them and allocate them again later.

Structure members

Pointer to the previous element of the stack, gets stored in the first sizeof (gpointer) bytes of the element.

Deprecated since: 2.48

GTrashStack is deprecated without replacement.



Returns the height of a GTrashStack.

deprecated: 2.48 


Returns the element at the top of a GTrashStack which may be NULL.

deprecated: 2.48 


Pops a piece of memory off a GTrashStack.

deprecated: 2.48 


Pushes a piece of memory onto a GTrashStack.

deprecated: 2.48