deprecated: 2.26 


struct GTuples {
  guint len;

The GTuples struct is used to return records (or tuples) from the GRelation by g_relation_select(). It only contains one public member - the number of records that matched. To access the matched records, you must use g_tuples_index().

Structure members

The number of records that matched.

Deprecated since: 2.26

Rarely used API.

Instance methods


Frees the records which were returned by g_relation_select(). This should always be called after g_relation_select() when you are finished with the records. The records are not removed from the GRelation.

deprecated: 2.26 


Gets a field from the records returned by g_relation_select(). It returns the given field of the record at the given index. The returned value should not be changed.

deprecated: 2.26