since: 2.66

Description [src]

struct GUriParamsIter {
  /* No available fields */

Many URI schemes include one or more attribute/value pairs as part of the URI value. For example scheme://server/path?query=string&is=there has two attributes – query=string and is=there – in its query part.

A GUriParamsIter structure represents an iterator that can be used to iterate over the attribute/value pairs of a URI query string. GUriParamsIter structures are typically allocated on the stack and then initialized with g_uri_params_iter_init(). See the documentation for g_uri_params_iter_init() for a usage example.

Available since: 2.66

Instance methods


Initializes an attribute/value pair iterator.

since: 2.66


Advances iter and retrieves the next attribute/value. FALSE is returned if an error has occurred (in which case error is set), or if the end of the iteration is reached (in which case attribute and value are set to NULL and the iterator becomes invalid). If TRUE is returned, g_uri_params_iter_next() may be called again to receive another attribute/value pair.

since: 2.66