deprecated: 2.32 


g_thread_init (
  gpointer vtable


If you use GLib from more than one thread, you must initialize the thread system by calling g_thread_init().

Since version 2.24, calling g_thread_init() multiple times is allowed, but nothing happens except for the first call.

Since version 2.32, GLib does not support custom thread implementations anymore and the vtable parameter is ignored and you should pass NULL.

g_thread_init() must not be called directly or indirectly in a callback from GLib. Also no mutexes may be currently locked while calling g_thread_init().

To use g_thread_init() in your program, you have to link with the libraries that the command pkg-config —libs gthread-2.0 outputs. This is not the case for all the other thread-related functions of GLib. Those can be used without having to link with the thread libraries.

Deprecated since: 2.32

This function is no longer necessary. The GLib threading system is automatically initialized at the start of your program.

This function is not directly available to language bindings.



Type: gpointer

A function table of type GThreadFunctions, that provides the entry points to the thread system to be used. Since 2.32, this parameter is ignored and should always be NULL.

The argument can be NULL.
The data is owned by the caller of the function.