struct GParamSpecTypeInfo {
  guint16 instance_size;
  guint16 n_preallocs;
  void (* instance_init) (
    GParamSpec* pspec
  GType value_type;
  void (* finalize) (
    GParamSpec* pspec
  void (* value_set_default) (
    GParamSpec* pspec,
    GValue* value
  gboolean (* value_validate) (
    GParamSpec* pspec,
    GValue* value
  gint (* values_cmp) (
    GParamSpec* pspec,
    const GValue* value1,
    const GValue* value2

This structure is used to provide the type system with the information required to initialize and destruct (finalize) a parameter’s class and instances thereof.

The initialized structure is passed to the g_param_type_register_static() The type system will perform a deep copy of this structure, so its memory does not need to be persistent across invocation of g_param_type_register_static().

Structure members

Size of the instance (object) structure.


Prior to GLib 2.10, it specified the number of pre-allocated (cached) instances to reserve memory for (0 indicates no caching). Since GLib 2.10, it is ignored, since instances are allocated with the [slice allocator][glib-Memory-Slices] now.

instance_init No description available.

The GType of values conforming to this GParamSpec.

finalize No description available.
value_set_default No description available.
value_validate No description available.
values_cmp No description available.