Description [src]

struct GTypeInfo {
  guint16 class_size;
  GBaseInitFunc base_init;
  GBaseFinalizeFunc base_finalize;
  GClassInitFunc class_init;
  GClassFinalizeFunc class_finalize;
  gconstpointer class_data;
  guint16 instance_size;
  guint16 n_preallocs;
  GInstanceInitFunc instance_init;
  const GTypeValueTable* value_table;

This structure is used to provide the type system with the information required to initialize and destruct (finalize) a type’s class and its instances.

The initialized structure is passed to the g_type_register_static() function (or is copied into the provided GTypeInfo structure in the g_type_plugin_complete_type_info()). The type system will perform a deep copy of this structure, so its memory does not need to be persistent across invocation of g_type_register_static().

Structure members

Size of the class structure (required for interface, classed and instantiatable types)


Location of the base initialization function (optional)


Location of the base finalization function (optional)


Location of the class initialization function for classed and instantiatable types. Location of the default vtable initialization function for interface types. (optional) This function is used both to fill in virtual functions in the class or default vtable, and to do type-specific setup such as registering signals and object properties.


Location of the class finalization function for classed and instantiatable types. Location of the default vtable finalization function for interface types. (optional)


User-supplied data passed to the class init/finalize functions.


Size of the instance (object) structure (required for instantiatable types only)


Prior to GLib 2.10, it specified the number of pre-allocated (cached) instances to reserve memory for (0 indicates no caching). Since GLib 2.10 this field is ignored.


Location of the instance initialization function (optional, for instantiatable types only)


A GTypeValueTable function table for generic handling of GValues of this type (usually only useful for fundamental types)