struct GTypeValueTable {
  void (* value_init) (
    GValue* value
  void (* value_free) (
    GValue* value
  void (* value_copy) (
    const GValue* src_value,
    GValue* dest_value
  gpointer (* value_peek_pointer) (
    const GValue* value
  const gchar* collect_format;
  gchar* (* collect_value) (
    GValue* value,
    guint n_collect_values,
    GTypeCValue* collect_values,
    guint collect_flags
  const gchar* lcopy_format;
  gchar* (* lcopy_value) (
    const GValue* value,
    guint n_collect_values,
    GTypeCValue* collect_values,
    guint collect_flags

The GTypeValueTable provides the functions required by the GValue implementation, to serve as a container for values of a type.

Structure members
value_init No description available.
value_free No description available.
value_copy No description available.
value_peek_pointer No description available.

A string format describing how to collect the contents of this value bit-by-bit. Each character in the format represents an argument to be collected, and the characters themselves indicate the type of the argument. Currently supported arguments are: - ‘i’ - Integers. passed as collect_values[].v_int. - ‘l’ - Longs. passed as collect_values[].v_long. - ‘d’ - Doubles. passed as collect_values[].v_double. - ‘p’ - Pointers. passed as collect_values[].v_pointer. It should be noted that for variable argument list construction, ANSI C promotes every type smaller than an integer to an int, and floats to doubles. So for collection of short int or char, ‘i’ needs to be used, and for collection of floats ‘d’.

collect_value No description available.

Format description of the arguments to collect for lcopy_value, analogous to collect_format. Usually, lcopy_format string consists only of ‘p’s to provide lcopy_value() with pointers to storage locations.

lcopy_value No description available.



Returns the location of the GTypeValueTable associated with type.