Declaration [src]

gtk_scale_button_new (
  GtkIconSize size,
  gdouble min,
  gdouble max,
  gdouble step,
  const gchar** icons

Description [src]

Creates a GtkScaleButton, with a range between min and max, with a stepping of step.

Available since:2.12


size GtkIconSize

A stock icon size (GtkIconSize)

min gdouble

The minimum value of the scale (usually 0)

max gdouble

The maximum value of the scale (usually 100)

step gdouble

The stepping of value when a scroll-wheel event, or up/down arrow event occurs (usually 2)

icons An array of gchar*

A NULL-terminated array of icon names, or NULL if you want to set the list later with gtk_scale_button_set_icons()

 The argument can be NULL.
 The array must be NULL-terminated.
 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
 Each element is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string.

Return value

Returns: GtkWidget

A new GtkScaleButton.

 The data is owned by the called function.