deprecated: 3.10 since: 2.16

Declaration [src]

gtk_activatable_do_set_related_action (
  GtkActivatable* activatable,
  GtkAction* action

Description [src]

This is a utility function for GtkActivatable implementors.

When implementing GtkActivatable you must call this when handling changes of the GtkActivatable:related-action, and you must also use this to break references in GObject->dispose().

This function adds a reference to the currently set related action for you, it also makes sure the GtkActivatable->update() method is called when the related GtkAction properties change and registers to the action’s proxy list.

Be careful to call this before setting the local copy of the GtkAction property, since this function uses gtk_activatable_get_related_action() to retrieve the previous action.

Available since: 2.16

Deprecated since: 3.10

Please do not use it in newly written code.



Type: GtkAction

The GtkAction to set.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.