Declaration [src]

gtk_box_reorder_child (
  GtkBox* box,
  GtkWidget* child,
  gint position

Description [src]

Moves child to a new position in the list of box children. The list contains widgets packed #GTK_PACK_START as well as widgets packed #GTK_PACK_END, in the order that these widgets were added to box.

A widget’s position in the box children list determines where the widget is packed into box. A child widget at some position in the list will be packed just after all other widgets of the same packing type that appear earlier in the list.



Type: GtkWidget

The GtkWidget to move.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.

Type: gint

The new position for child in the list of children of box, starting from 0. If negative, indicates the end of the list.