Declaration [src]

gtk_button_box_set_child_secondary (
  GtkButtonBox* widget,
  GtkWidget* child,
  gboolean is_secondary

Description [src]

Sets whether child should appear in a secondary group of children. A typical use of a secondary child is the help button in a dialog.

This group appears after the other children if the style is GTK_BUTTONBOX_START, GTK_BUTTONBOX_SPREAD or GTK_BUTTONBOX_EDGE, and before the other children if the style is GTK_BUTTONBOX_END. For horizontal button boxes, the definition of before/after depends on direction of the widget (see gtk_widget_set_direction()). If the style is GTK_BUTTONBOX_START or GTK_BUTTONBOX_END, then the secondary children are aligned at the other end of the button box from the main children. For the other styles, they appear immediately next to the main children.



Type: GtkWidget

A child of widget.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.

Type: gboolean

If TRUE, the child appears in a secondary group of the button box.