since: 3.14

Declaration [src]

gtk_gesture_group (
  GtkGesture* group_gesture,
  GtkGesture* gesture

Description [src]

Adds gesture to the same group than group_gesture. Gestures are by default isolated in their own groups.

When gestures are grouped, the state of GdkEventSequences is kept in sync for all of those, so calling gtk_gesture_set_sequence_state(), on one will transfer the same value to the others.

Groups also perform an “implicit grabbing” of sequences, if a GdkEventSequence state is set to #GTK_EVENT_SEQUENCE_CLAIMED on one group, every other gesture group attached to the same GtkWidget will switch the state for that sequence to #GTK_EVENT_SEQUENCE_DENIED.

Available since: 3.14



Type: GtkGesture

A GtkGesture.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.