deprecated: 3.14 since: 2.4

Declaration [src]

gtk_icon_info_set_raw_coordinates (
  GtkIconInfo* icon_info,
  gboolean raw_coordinates

Description [src]

Sets whether the coordinates returned by gtk_icon_info_get_embedded_rect() and gtk_icon_info_get_attach_points() should be returned in their original form as specified in the icon theme, instead of scaled appropriately for the pixbuf returned by gtk_icon_info_load_icon().

Raw coordinates are somewhat strange; they are specified to be with respect to the unscaled pixmap for PNG and XPM icons, but for SVG icons, they are in a 1000x1000 coordinate space that is scaled to the final size of the icon. You can determine if the icon is an SVG icon by using gtk_icon_info_get_filename(), and seeing if it is non-NULL and ends in “.svg”.

This function is provided primarily to allow compatibility wrappers for older API’s, and is not expected to be useful for applications.

Available since: 2.4

Deprecated since: 3.14

Embedded rectangles and attachment points are deprecated.



Type: gboolean

Whether the coordinates of embedded rectangles and attached points should be returned in their original (unscaled) form.