since: 2.12

Declaration [src]

gtk_icon_view_set_tooltip_column (
  GtkIconView* icon_view,
  gint column

Description [src]

If you only plan to have simple (text-only) tooltips on full items, you can use this function to have GtkIconView handle these automatically for you. column should be set to the column in icon_view’s model containing the tooltip texts, or -1 to disable this feature.

When enabled, GtkWidget:has-tooltip will be set to TRUE and icon_view will connect a GtkWidget::query-tooltip signal handler.

Note that the signal handler sets the text with gtk_tooltip_set_markup(), so &, <, etc have to be escaped in the text.

Available since: 2.12



Type: gint

An integer, which is a valid column number for icon_view’s model.