Declaration [src]

gtk_selection_data_get_targets (
  const GtkSelectionData* selection_data,
  GdkAtom** targets,
  gint* n_atoms

Description [src]

Gets the contents of selection_data as an array of targets. This can be used to interpret the results of getting the standard TARGETS target that is always supplied for any selection.


targets An array of GdkAtom*
      location to store an array of targets. The result stored
      here must be freed with g_free().
 The argument will be set by the function.
 The length of the array is specified in the n_atoms argument.
 The instance takes ownership of the data container, but not the data inside it.
n_atoms gint*

Location to store number of items in targets.

 The argument will be set by the function.

Return value

Returns: gboolean

TRUE if selection_data contains a valid array of targets, otherwise FALSE.