Declaration [src]

gtk_socket_add_id (
  GtkSocket* socket_,
  Window window

Description [src]

Adds an XEMBED client, such as a GtkPlug, to the GtkSocket. The client may be in the same process or in a different process.

To embed a GtkPlug in a GtkSocket, you can either create the GtkPlug with gtk_plug_new (0), call gtk_plug_get_id() to get the window ID of the plug, and then pass that to the gtk_socket_add_id(), or you can call gtk_socket_get_id() to get the window ID for the socket, and call gtk_plug_new() passing in that ID.

The GtkSocket must have already be added into a toplevel window before you can make this call.



Type: Window

The Window of a client participating in the XEMBED protocol.