Declaration [src]

gtk_widget_path_append_with_siblings (
  GtkWidgetPath* path,
  GtkWidgetPath* siblings,
  guint sibling_index

Description [src]

Appends a widget type with all its siblings to the widget hierarchy represented by path. Using this function instead of gtk_widget_path_append_type() will allow the CSS theming to use sibling matches in selectors and apply :nth-child() pseudo classes. In turn, it requires a lot more care in widget implementations as widgets need to make sure to call gtk_widget_reset_style() on all involved widgets when the siblings path changes.

Available since:3.2


siblings GtkWidgetPath

A widget path describing a list of siblings. This path may not contain any siblings itself and it must not be modified afterwards.

 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
sibling_index guint

Index into siblings for where the added element is positioned.

Return value

Returns: gint

The position where the element was inserted.